Super Hot Stories: Yetta

One of my hobbies is creating sexy stories for my sex dolls.


A story can trigger your emotions (which in turn will improve the bond you have with your Super Hot Doll). It makes your doll become more alive because now there is a story behind your doll.

Today I wanted to create a story for Yetta. Enjoy!

Yetta is an affordable sex doll and you can purchase her for $400.

Yetta is 23 year old, 100 cm tall. Good things come in small packages! Yetta is quite petite, but very cute and sweet.

In fact, not only is she very sweet. She is compassionate, respectful, creative and playful. She loves playing video games, producing music and creating art.

She didn’t have an easy childhood. Her dad abused her emotionally and in school she was bullied because of her small size. Instead of becoming a bitter person, she became strong and positive. She turned all that negativity into something positive. She loves helping other people.

Yetta can be your rock. She is very positive and firmly believes that having a positive attitude can help you achieve great things. If having a successful business is important to you then you should have Yetta by your side. She radiates luck. She is usually calm and relaxed, she thinks worrying about everything is a waste of imagination. She prefers to focus on the positive and the good things in life. Her positive vibes will help you attract more good fortune into your life.

In the bedroom she is a bit naughty. She is really up for everything, but likes to spice things up a bit every now and then. She for example likes playing truth or dare, the adult version.

She has amazing boobs and a nice firm butt. She loves foreplay and prefers to be submissive in bed.

This cute little angel is simply looking for somebody who will treat her right and who appreciates her presence.

Will you be her proud owner?

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