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Adopting one of our dolls will be a lifetime memorable experience
for you and the entire family! 
They are available in a variety of many
hair, eyes and skin colors. 
They also come with a chatbot that is programmed to meet your exact wishes. This chatbot can educate, entertain and/or comfort you. 

You are sure to find.. 

The perfect addition 
to your family!

The perfect gift

Dolls are timeless, beautiful, durable and they encourage healthy development in children. Caring for a doll teaches children responsibility and helps them develop their motor skills. Give your child the perfect gift.

Therapeutic Tool

A huge amount of study has been done in recent years relating to this sometimes ‘controversial’ subject. Introducing a doll to a person with Alzheimers or Dementia can bring calm and comfort to someone who is otherwise anxious and challenging. It doesn’t work for everyone, but in some cases it is very successful.

Custom Made Doll

Tell us what your wishes are and we will build you the doll of your dreams!

Just contact us and let us know what kind of hair, skin, eyes, face and height you want.

We will get back to you with an estimate of the price.

Good Customer Service

You can expect us to reply within hours to any of your messages. We treat all our customers with respect and most importantly we value all our customers.

Just select the doll you wish to purchase and click on buy

About us

Our dolls are not just for kids they are for adults as well!

It’s becoming more and more common for therapists to prescribe lifelike dolls to their patients because dolls can be amazingly therapeutic tools for aiding people who suffer from a host of conditions including social phobias. It’s an opportunity for someone to have a positive outlet for their parenting instincts. For some people who are traumatized (sexually or otherwise), relationships with other people can be dangerous and scary, but these fears don’t erase the human need for connection and relationship. Our dolls may provide a safe way for a person to have a relationship. A realistic doll can also help someone cope with loss, such as a miscarriage, or remind them of a time when they felt safe and happy.

Great Reviews

100% Satisfied Customers

Here is what a customer from France (who bought 
Nina) had to say when she received her new doll:

A big thank you to you for allowing me to give a big sister to Inès, 
thank you for your seriousness and your speed throughout the purchase and delivery of Nina. 
She is very beautiful and done with care, again thank you.

Nina is now a big sister.

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