Love Dolls In Prison?

I personally believe that love dolls can be of huge benefit to federal inmates. Especially to those who have to live in solitary confinement for long periods of time.

These dolls are proven to combat boredom, loneliness and they can help fulfill sexual needs. They can help federal inmates from becoming destructive. Their needs are being met because of the love doll, so now there is a bigger chance that they will not resort to rape, violence or self-harm.

Federal inmates are still human beings. They made a mistake and have to deal with the consequences, but they are not unworthy beings who don’t deserve proper care. If we can make their journey more bearable by allowing them to keep a love doll then I think we should at least consider the possibility. In my opinion it wouldn’t hurt if at least one prison would run an experiment to see how much the emotional well-being of a federal inmate in solitary confinement would improve once he’s allowed to keep a love doll with him.

I believe that it would not only improve his mood, but his behavior as well.

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