Giving away three love dolls

The last give away was a success, the person that won was very happy with his doll and I received quite a few reactions.

You can find the topic about the free give away and the declared winner here:

This time I wanna give away love dolls from three different brands: WM Dolls, Sino Doll and Irontech. If you really like a doll and it’s from a different brand then I will allow this.

Want to win? Simply select a few dolls (max 3) on the website that you really like and tell me what your name is. If you want to remain anonymous then just give a fake name. I will need your first and last name.

The winners will be revealed about 3 weeks from now. The winners will be selected with a random name picker:

You can simply go the forum topic that I created for this content and all you have to do is reply to it if you want to enter the content.

Simply give me a full name (can be real or fake) and tell me which three dolls you want.

To make things more exciting we will also put the names of the doll in the random name picker. So once you won, the random name picker will decide which doll you will receive.


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