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About SuperHotDolls

Why I started SuperHotDolls

I created SuperHotDolls because I believe in being sexual independent. If you can't have that then you will always be a slave to sex and women. Having to rely on women for sexual gratification, especially in these modern times, is a one-way ticket to hell.

Needless to say having or wanting sex with the wrong women can lead to guilt, shame, STDs, trouble, unwanted pregnancy, heart ache, emotional turmoil and the list goes on and on. I haven't even mentioned false accusations of rape which seems to be happening a lot in this modern world. One of the causes is the #Metoo movement. It's good that sexual predators are being caught, but it's going too far, these days if you so much as look at a woman for a few seconds then you can already be labeled a pervert or sexual predator.

With that said, there is nothing wrong with looking for an alternative that will keep you in happy and in control. We need these dolls (and hopefully soon robots) because they empower us and give us sexual freedom. We can now satisfy our needs without having to lower ourselves or without getting in trouble. We can live a more honorable path. We can be happy without a real woman.

Some people might feel attracted to a certain group of people that are off-limits. I feel empathy for these people  and want to help them satisfy their urges in a constructive way. That's why I sell & make loli dolls as well. I am aware that some countries are banning these dolls, but to me they are foolish because they don't even realize that these dolls actually prevent child abuse. No research about it has been done and there is actually early research available that suggests that these urges can be satisfied in a healthy way with the help of these dolls.

Trustworthy vendor

A lot of websites have fake reviews, even trustpilot reviews are often fake. So how do you know if you can trust a vendor these days? I have been a vendor on ATF (huge forum with 100,000+ members) for more than a year and a lot of members from ATF have purchased a doll from me. You can find their testimonials on ATF (, please note you need to register to see certain content) or here:

I am genuinely passionate about these dolls and about creating dolls (I love creating things). I look forward to building something that will help many men find sexual freedom and that will help them express their creativity as well (these dolls are great for photography and creating art).