We have our own brand. We want to be able to offer our customers the most sexy, beautiful love dolls on the market for a great price. We imitate the design of famous brands and design our own sex dolls. When you order a Super Hot Doll then you can expect that it will look as described and that the quality is very high. We only work with the best manufacturers.. Click here if you want to learn more about brand and see examples.

We also sell love dolls from WM Dolls, Irontech, Doll4ever, San hui and Sino doll.

Hot dolls for hot prices

We guarantee high quality. There are a lot of low quality imitation dolls to be found in the online world.

We want to make it possible for people to get the best looking (high quality) dolls for the best price. We offer super hot dolls for hot prices!

Why invest in a Super Hot Doll

Please watch our video and discover what we are all about.

There is no shame in pampering yourself and allowing yourself to acquire a luxury sex toy (sex dolls are basically luxury sex toys). However, a love doll is so much more than just a sex toy. You can use them for photography, art, in movies and even as a companion.

Our Mission

We don’t only sell love dolls. We also sell reborn baby dolls and silicone children. Our goal is to make people aware about the happiness and companionship that dolls can bring to people’s lives.

It’s becoming more and more common for therapists to prescribe lifelike dolls to their patients because dolls can be amazingly therapeutic tools for aiding people who suffer from a host of conditions including social phobias. It’s an opportunity for someone to have a positive outlet for their parenting instincts (reborn baby doll/silicone children) or sexuality (love doll). For some people who are traumatized (sexually or otherwise), relationships with other people can be dangerous and scary, but these fears don’t erase the human need for connection and relationship. Our dolls may provide a safe way for a person to have a relationship. A realistic doll can also help someone cope with loss, such as a miscarriage, or remind them of a time when they felt safe and happy.

We invest most of our earnings into the further development of dolls and robots that can make a positive difference in people’s lives.

It’s Art

A Super Hot Doll is for anybody who admires & loves the the human body.

Our Super Hot Dolls are a tribute to the female form, art.

Our slogan

Dolls with heart, art. With Super Hot Dolls you can create Super Hot Art. You can check out some of the art that we created with our Super Hot Dolls here.

Great customer service

We treat all our customers with dignity and respect.